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Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan
MBBS, BDS., FDSRCS (England), PhD, DSc (Honoris Causa)
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
Medical Director, Rajan Dental Hospital

Conferences & Workshops

International Conferences – Invited Speaker

• Bernd-Spiessl-Symposium 2012, Guest Lecture on ‘ Anterior maxillary distraction Osteogenesis in cleft left palate’ in University of Basel.
Basel, Switzerland 12th – 13th Jun 2012
• International Academy of Periodontology – 12th International Biennial Conference
Guest lecture on ‘Rehabilitation of severely resorbed maxillae using zygomatic implants’
Agra April 16th to 19th 2009
• Nobel Biocare World Conference 2007. Topic: Zygomatic Implants for Maxillary rehabilitation.
Mumbai April 4th – 6th 2008
• Nobel Biocare World Conference 2007
Las Vegas May 20 – 24, 2007
• 7th Asian Congress on Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Topic: Anterior Maxillary Distraction in Cleft Maxillae.
Hong Kong 5th & 9th Nov. 2006
• 28th National Conference on Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Philippine College of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Lecture on ‘Advanced Dental Implants
Manila Jan29th – 30th 2005
• Asia Pacific Dental Conference. Topic: Orthognathic Surgery with Combined Orthodontics.
Colombo, Srilanka. July 29th June & 1st 2001

National Conferences – Invited Speaker

• Ramachandra Oral & Maxillofcial Education (ROME 2009). Lecture on “A comprehensive review of Dental Implants in Maxillofacial Surgery”
Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai 11th Sept. 2009

• Integrate 2009 Workshop on implantology. Delivered a scientific lecture on “Complete Maxillary Edentulism – Rehabilitation with Zygoma Implants
Coorg Institute of Dental Sciences, Coorg, Karnataka 20th Feb. 2009

 29th Andhra Pradesh State Council, Lecture on ‘ Zygoma Implants’
Warrangal 7th Dec. 2008

• 15th National Conference of ISOI – Guest Lecture
Cochin 19 Oct. 2008

 Indian Orthodontic Society Mid Term Conference in Association with AOMSI, Karnataka Chapter in Bangalore Lecture on ‘Anterior Maxillary Distraction’
Bangalore August 1st to 3rd 2008

 Indian Dental Association, Kerala Branch & Society of Peridontology in Kerala (SPIK). Lecture on ‘Futuristic Implantology : A paradsm shift in implant science’
Trivandrum July 6th 2008

 12th Mid Term National Conference, AOMSI. Lecture on “Advance Implantolory & Maxillary Deformities – Excess & Deficiency
Ahmedabad (Gandhinagar) May 30th to 1st June 2008

• 2nd Esthetic Face Surgery Workshop – Goa Govt. Dental College. Invited Speaker & surgical faculty. Lecture on ‘ Complications in Orthognathic Surgery’
Goa 14th & 15th March, 2008

• ROME 2008 – Ramachandra Oral & Maxillofacial Education. Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Lecture on ‘ Management of anterior open bite’
Sri Ramachandra Dental College, Chennai 8 – 11 March 2008

• International Symposium on Research Priorities in Dental Science & Technology in Asia & Africa
Hyderabad 1st to 3rd Dec. 2007

• 18th International Conference of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons. Lecture on “Precision placement of implants & immediate loading of the prosthesis using computer planned surgical guides”.
Bangalore 14th to 18th Nov. 2007

• Invited speaker & faculty member for performing Cleft Maxillary osteotomy for 4th State Conference of AOMSI – Kerala State Branch. Surgery done in KIMS (Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences).
Trivandrum. 13th & 14th Oct. 2007

• 6th Asian Cleft Lip & Palate Congress
Lecture on “Anterior Oral Segmental distraction in cleft maxillary deficiencies”.
Goa Sept. 2nd to 5th 2007
 Indian Society of Cleft Lip & Palate National Conference. Lecture on ‘Anterior Maxillary Segmental Distraction in Cleft Maxilla’.
Chandigarh 16th & 17th Feb. 2007

• The 32nd National Conference of Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of India
Kolkata. 15th Dec. 2006

• 32nd National Conference of AOMSI, Lecture on ‘ Anterior Maxillary Segmental Distraction in Cleft Maxilla’
Kolkata 13th to 16th Dec. 2006

 11th Mid Term Conference of AOMSI & 3rd Annual Conference of AOMSI. Lecture on ‘Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis Management – Current trends”.
Munnar, Kerala State 2nd to 4th June 2006

 Nobel Biocare World Tour Conference
Mumbai 21st to 23rd April 2006

 5th Annual Conference of Indian Society of Cleft Lip, Palate & Craniofacial Anomalies (ISCLP & CA 2006), “Anterior Maxillary Segmental Distraction in Cleft Maxilla” and video presentation on “LeFort –1 Osteotomy”.
Guwahati. 23rd March 2006

National Surgical Workshops Organized

• Chairman, CME surgery workshop on ‘ Rhinoplasty’– supported by Southern Railway
Hospital. Chennai 6th & 7th March 2009
• Have been mentor for dental implantology course which runs for six months with contact sessions. Trainees do detailed treatment planning & place implants under my supervision. Each batch of mentorship had between 6 to 8 students. Five such batches have been trained in the past 2 years.
• FACE 2008 – A Workshop on Orthognathic Surgery – supported by Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons of India (AOMSI) Southern Railway Hospital.
Chennai 9th & 10th Feb. 2008
• Indian Society of Cleft Lip, Plate and Craniofacial Anomalies
Guwahati 23rd & 24th March 2006
• FACE orthognathic Surgery Workshop
Annamalai University, Tamilnadu 21st & 22nd Jan. 2005
• Face Surgical workshop
Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Kochi. 23rd & 24th Sept. 2004
• CME Programme on Velopharyngeal Incompetence in Cleft patients
Ragas Dental College & Hospital,
Chennai 3th & 14th Aug.2003
• 2nd Annual meeting and International Update – Indian Society of Cleft Lip, Plate and
Craniofacial Anomalies
Chennai 7th to 9th March 2003
• ‘Face 98’A National Workshop & CME program on ‘Facial Deformity Correction’.
Ragas Dental College Postgraduate Annexe, VHS Hospital.
Chennai 20th August 1998
• ‘Secondary Corrections in Cleft Palate’
Ragas Dental College P.G. Annexe, VHS Hospital, Chennai – 20 24th Feb. 1997
• Secondary Corrections in Cleft Palate‟ by Ragas Dental College
VHS Hospital, Adyar, Chennai 6th & 7th Sept. 1995
• Continuing Education Program on ‘Cleft Palate – Orthodontic & Surgical interaction’
Chennai 19th Sept. 1994



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